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From an apprenticeship in Germany, to the founding of Kanter Marine, vessels have been our life. We have built fast, elegant yachts for discerning owners and tough, powerful search-and-rescue vessels for the Coast Guard. Over the years, we have cruised extensively and because of this, we have developed strong views regarding what constitutes a proper yacht. Those views influence the concept, design and construction of every vessel Kanter builds. 

We believe that a proper vessel is fast enough to outrun a storm and strong enough to sail through one. It is spacious, comfortable and sea kindly. It maintains good speed on auxiliary power and can be sailed short-handed in all conditions. A proper vessel is also self sufficient. It utilizes only the highest-quality components and can carry ample provisions for extended cruising. Conceived and created for a specified owner, a proper yacht’s concept, design and construction are never compromised. Finally, a proper vessel is beautiful. It stirs your soul as much as it respects your intellect.

~Manfred Kanter