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The Bougainvillaea 64 Dawnbreaker was built as a replacement for a slightly smaller ketch of the same name. The owner chose the same designer and builder but specified a cutter, and the vessel was built to even more luxurious standards that those of the Dawnbreaker III. A considerably larger vessel, his version is slightly longer, substantially beamier and heavier and boasts highly increased stability.  

The overall look of the previous yacht was retained, most notably the pilothouse, which is considered one of the most stylish that Kanter has ever built. Thanks to the cutter rig, the vessel is able to go windward faster; in fact, the yacht is considerably faster on all points of sail with the exception of dead downwind. The latest version of shoal draft bulbed keel was fitted into the new design, creating the potential for improved windward performance despite very moderate draft at 7’ 4”. Sea trials have proven the yacht to be “bloody stiff” per the customer’s request. 

Set up for single-handed sailing, with all sails - including a small and heavily built storm staysail, the cutter rig is set on Profurl roller furling stays. The mainsail, a conventional slab reefing design, falls into rack welded to the sides of the boom when lowered and is contained by permanently fitted lazyjacks. Fitted aft is an electric winch to permit the quick and easy hoisting and reefing of the mainsail. There are three jibs: On the forward-most stay is a large, full-cut polyester/twaron laminate reacher that can be carried to windward in light to moderate winds and will serve as the workhorse downwind sail in heavier conditions. Next is the genoa, a heavier and flatter cut sail that can be used unreeled to windward in up to 25 knots apparent. The third, a small and very rugged staysail can be used in a cutter configuration with the genoa, or carried alone in gale conditions. 

While similar to the original yacht, the deck features a twin-wheel cockpit to allow for seating outside the pilothouse for an unimpeded forward view. Compared to the Dawnbreaker III, additional hatches offer increased natural light and ventilation and a very large anchor handling platform was designed to facilitate carrying two 160-point anchors at the ready.  

The new Bougainvillaea 64 Dawnbreaker is a world-class yacht built to luxurious, customized specifications, making it the obvious choice for discerning sailing enthusiasts seeking to set sail in something new.


Length Overall:  64’0”

Length Waterline:  55’0”

Beam:  16’9”

Draft:  7’4”

Displacement:  63,000 lbs

Fresh Water:  370 gallons

Total Sail Area:  1,631 sq,ft

Fuel:  400 gallons

Disp/Length Ratio:  160

S.A./Disp Ratio:  16.48

Engine:  Yanmar 140hp Diesel