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10 years ago I took your Kanter 54 that I called Marinabella from your shipyard.

I crossed the Atlantic four times with her and navigated 3 years in the Mediterranean waters and 6 years in the Caribbean without any problem. The boat was safe and suited for long ranges legs.

This January I was in the Cuban waters coming from the Dominican Republic and I crashed with a couple of rocks called Rocks of the Bad Weather at 11PM. At least two boats have been destroyed last year in the same rocks
located at the entrance of Cayo Largo del Sur. Marinabella's bow was trapped in the rocks during the night and the boat could only be be pushed from the rocks at 9 AM in the morning. The 40 tons of the boat (the stern) were lifted 2 meters with each wave and hit the rocks each 15 seconds.

Some sea water started to enter (later after divers inspection I constated that the water was coming from a broken transducer and the hull was intact).

The Cuban authorities told me"You have to write or call Mr. Kanter and congratulate him for having built such a safe, resistent and magnificent boat. It is the only one that could be taken in good conditions from the rocks and
which hull resisted 10 hours being beated by the waves in the Bad Weather Rocks."

I add my only satistaction and I wanted to express to you dear Manfred and your sons my thanks for having built such a boat!!!

The boat only suffered the twist of the support of the rudder and both fin stabilisers were broken. The boat was in Mariel shipyard to repair the rudder and fins and to paint the hull. It miracuously only suffered some scratches in the paint.

Best regards
~Gustavo Caraballo (73 years old and still navigating)

The team at Kanter Yachts delivered professionalism, good value and an excellent building experience for my clients. The fine boats they constructed to my designs now have thousands of miles under their keels, and have cruised the Great Lakes to the Caribbean and beyond. I’m very much looking forward to working with Kanter on future projects.  

~Dave Gerr - Gerr Marine, Inc.