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The Kanter Marine Lethal RHIBs are designed and constructed to operate under extremely punishing commercial offshore service. Scores of Lethal RHIBs have been delivered in both open and cabin configurations for demanding  service in security, patrol and enforcement roles by many government agencies and private owners.

Each existing or custom Lethal RHIB is designed by DeViller’s Design to very stringent Lloyd’s and ISO structural scantling and stability rules with all systems of commercial grade and installed per Transport Canada, ABYC and ISO Standards.

Each vessel features abundant full depth transverse and longitudinal framing with heavy plating for extreme durability and long service. This allows operators the confidence necessary to push the vessel hard without fear of safety, damage or breakage. Watertight and quick draining decks with below deck buoyancy compartments offer utmost in safety.

As with all our builds, crew safety and comfort are paramount. Our vessels ride exceptionally well thanks to a deeper deadrise and a tube set mounted above the waterline, eliminating tube bounce and vibration. Heavy duty tempered glass windows, shock absorbing cockpit flooring and Shockwave shock mitigating seating offer the crew confidence and comfort to ensure they are ready to perform at their best.

Various lengths and configurations are available or a completely new design can be completed to suit a customer’s exact requirement.