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Named after the beautiful tropical flowers with which it shares its name, the Kanter Bougainvillaea 54 is a stunningly fast, incredibly stylish off-shore, long-distance cruising yacht. Beyond her speed and great stability, the Bougainvillaea 54 also boasts remarkable safety and a level of opulent comfort that is unique to the Bougainvillaea series of yachts.

The Bougainvillaea 54’s exceptional performance is the result of her impressively light displacement as well as her aggressively bulbed keel and optional water ballast.

The keel is the latest version of the elliptically bulbed shoal draft keel and places the ballast far lower than would be the case with a traditional keel for exceptional stability. The combination of her light weight and high-tech keel enables the Bougainvillaea 54 to be carried up into wind speeds that yield truly exhilarating sailing speeds.

Noted naval architect Chuck Paine derived the design of the Bougainvillaea 54 from single-handed offshore racing concepts and believes that a yacht should be fast enough to outrun a storm yet strong enough to sail through one. To accomplish this goal, the Bougainvillaea 54 is built using high-strength, welded -alloy construction, with a combined hull, deck and superstructure.

Two welded, watertight aluminum bulkheads make the Bougainvillaea 54 an incredibly strong and safe craft, while the hull design creates integral storage tanks for water and fuel below the sole, effectively creating double-bottom construction and safety.

The Bougainvillaea 54’s engine room is located aft of the accommodations and is accessible via a watertight door. All essential equipment – including the engine, generator, air conditioner and fresh-water system – is located here for maximum ease of use. The engine room is totally insulated for superior in-cabin sound dampening and above-deck comfort.

Our practical, intelligent design ensures the layout and selection of mechanical and electrical systems makes routine upkeep simple and convenient. A full range of accessories is available to make sure the look, feel and functionality of your vessel meet your uncompromising standards.

As a world-class, long-distance cruising yacht, the interior of the Bougainvillaea 54 is just as pleasing to the senses as you would expect. Designed to be stylish, functional, comfortable and totally customizable, the Bougainvillaea 54 was created to meet every need and fulfill every wish.

Perfect for a couple who travel alone or with friends or family, the Bougainvillaea 54 features two double cabins with access to en suite heads. The galley is linear and narrow so that the cook is always well braced. An impressively large and comfortable dining and lounging area dominate the main salon, while a windowed main bulkhead contributes to the truly satisfying feeling of openness. The beautifully crafted interior cabinetwork is available in cherry, ash or optional teak, while the cabin sole is finished in teak and holly. Porcelain sinks and heads as well as ceramic tiles in the showers further demonstrate Kanter’s commitment to quality.

Designed to be one of the safest blue-water cruising yachts in the world, the Kanter Bougainvillaea 54 also boasts the speed, stability and style to make it a truly world-class example of the art of yacht making.


Length Overall:  53’1”

Length Waterline:  47’6”

Beam:  15’3”

Draft:  6’2”

Displacement:  39,500 lbs

Ballast, fixed:  13,250 lbs

Ballast, Water:  2,000 lbs (optional)

Sail Area:  1,259 sq. ft.

Fuel:  200 gallons

Disp/Length Ratio:  165                

S.A./Disp Ratio:  17.37

Engine:  Yanmar, 60 HP

Designer:  Chuck Paine